skill set of a brand curator

concepts & definitions

“Today’s brand managers must be outstanding curators of brand values and identity.

Here are imperatives that guide a consummate brand curator:

  • Know the DNA of the brand inside out and defend its essence.
  • Keep the brand authentic; steadfastly resist the temptation to compromise brand value in pursuit of short-term opportunity.
  • Know how the brand connects with its target market and the values that differentiate it as valuable (and welcome customers who customize the brand constructively).
  • Sense how the brand fulfills any customer’s constant desire for “good life moments” – moments to which we all feel entitled.
  • Constantly ‘dust’ the merchandise to let the brand sparkle fresh and keep re-focusing the spotlight to maintain the aura.
  • Ally yourself with the agendas of brand enthusiasts and evangelists in social networks (these are the brand ‘patrons’ who celebrate central brand values); their brand problems and challenges demand prompt resolution.
  • When the brand is licensed, regard licensing as an act of trust like a ‘loaned’ exhibit to a great museum; only entrust your brand to best-in-class licensing resources.
  • Immerse yourself in the brand experience of competitors to learn how they might excel where you merely dabble.
Thomas Hoving was a distinguished curator of New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art. In Making the Mummies Dance, Hoving wrote revealingly about two curator traits: 1) his curators were inexhaustibly passionate in what they did (“most couldn’t go to sleep without looking at yet one more photo of a work of art”); 2) they were broader gauged than expected (“[m]ost art curators possessed a surprising knowledge about other fields…”).
Passion breeds focused energy, and itelligent curiosity underpins breadth: a grasp of big-pictures context. Awesome curators have both.”

Simon Graj writes about maximizing brand development opportunities


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