why you should listen, even if others don’t

improve yourself

“Listening is the single smartest thing you or I can possibly do. Here’s why:

1_Listening is the greatest compliment you can give someone. Imagine you are a recent college graduate in your second month of a new job, and the CEO not only takes time to talk with you, but also asks you a series of questions. Two weeks later, he sees you again and clearly remembers what you told him. How does that make you feel? Now you know how you can make someone feel, just by listening to him or her.

2_Listening makes people like you. The more interest you show in what another person has to say, the better they like you. Listening intently makes them think you are smart, warm and perceptive.

3_Listening makes you smarter. By listening to others, you learn more about them. You learn important pieces of information, and you learn who knows what. You learn who you can trust.

4_Listening makes you shut up, inside and out. When you actually listen to another, you quiet that voice in your head that almost never shuts up. Plus, you actually stop talking… and most of us would do well to talk a bit less, especially when we are trying to learn.”

Bruce Kasanoff ghostwriter for entrepreneurs and executives


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