never stop learning: how self-education creates a bullet-proof career

improve yourself

“Here are some ways to ignite and sustain a passion for learning:

1_Start with heroes from the past
Having heroes (dead or alive) gives you something to live up to, a higher standard. You can pick someone in your field and always point toward them.

2_Take advantage of free educational resources
Technology has transformed us into excellent gatherers of information. From books, podcasts, blogs, online courses, and tools that provide access to whomever youre trying to connect with, you can study any subject.

3_Explore unrelated subjects
Say youre a graphic designer; why not study something like Greek architecture or fashion? Or lets say youre a fitness coach; why not study public speakers or read biographies on famous sports coaches?

4_Make learning a habit
A desire to learn is a fruitful asset that will fuel you throughout your life. Without this unquenchable desire to grow our understanding of ourselves and the world around us, we stagnate.

Learning is the lifeblood of a fruitful career. And it’s available to you right now.”

Paul Jun writer and author


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