why your life needs a mission statement

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“Not having a direction is the number one mistake we make in our careers and personal lives. Management consultant and coach Allison Rimm, author of The Joy of Strategy: A Business Plan for Life, says it’s possible for all of us to find joy in our business and personal lives, but to do so requires strategy.

Forming a personal mission statement means identifying your purpose:

1_Fantasize about your perfect day or week
Make a list of all the things you need in your day to make it joyful. Perhaps it’s as simple as spending time outdoors every day or seeing your kids off to school.

2_List your passions
Finding joy in your career and life means knowing what you’re passions are. If you have trouble coming up with your list of passions, think about the best experiences you’ve had, what you do when you’re procrastinating, or what you daydream about.

3_Identify your talents
Conduct your own SWAT analysis by listing all of the things you’re good at. If you find it difficult to conduct your own talent inventory, ask others around you to tell you what they think are your greatest strengths. Another way to find your talents is to examine your past accomplishments. Think of something you’re particularly proud of–a stellar presentation you made, a major donor you secured for a fundraiser, or a party you organized that people are still talking about two years later. Next, examine the skill sets that made you successful in that instance. Creating a mission that aligns with your natural talents means success will likely come easier.

4_Consider core values
Your personal mission statement must reflect the things that matter most to you. These guiding principles help you to set priorities.

Armed with your new mission statement, you can then begin to put together a strategic plan for how you’re going to get to where you want to go. Some hang their mission statement on their wall to remind themselves every day of what matters most to them and to help keep them on the right track.”

Lisa Evans freelance writer


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