mission and vision

concepts & definitions

_Why you need it? It fosters discipline, alignes effort and creates focus.
> A mission and vision are crucial for your company: your mission is your reason for being, while your vision provides you the focus for that mission.

_What is a mission? It’s a formal, short statement of the purpose of a company.
> A mission tells everyon why you exist. It’s the reason why your company was first created: to fill a need. So keep it short, simple and operative. And it must clearly define what you do, how you do it and whom you are doing it for.

_What is a vision? It’s about what you want to be and become.
> A vision is complementary to the mission: it helps to provide a focus for it. A vision takes into account the current status of your company and serves to point the direction of where your company whishes to go. So it must be aspirational and it must inspire.”

 Henrik-Jan Van der Pol entrepreneur, management consultant, OKR evangelist


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