to grow your business, serve before you sell

random thoughts

“The best way to get new customers is through referrals. People take a risk when they recommend a service to their friends, and we all understand this. So, when your friend or colleague tells you how much she liked dealing with a company, you tend to pay attention.

Before a customer can give you a referral, you have to serve that customer. Serving does not mean doing a good job of explaining your product. It means delivering something of meaningful value. It means identifying a need and satisfying it.

The same is true when you manage your own career. How many times have you asked someone else for a favor before you did anything for them? How many times did you only do something for another person at the moment you realized that you needed something from them? Neither one of these self-centered approaches works very well.

You might think of your career as a bank, in which you deposit goodwill. The sooner you start to help others in a meaningful way, the faster your savings will grow. The more you serve others, the more “interest” you will earn. This is true of individuals as well as companies.”

Bruce Kasanoff storyteller


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