the 4 ways you can use body language to influence success

improve yourself

“Your body language doesn’t merely reflect your emotions, it’s often the cause.
By learning some of the principal ways that your own posture, gestures, facial expression and even tone of voice affect your mind, you will be more aware of the factors influencing your mood, and give yourself an edge in presentations and negotiations.

1_Know the ‘power posture’
Opening up your body and filling more space – known as a ‘power posture’ – has been shown in studies to have a range of confidence-boosting effects.

2_Avoid handheld devices
Even the size of computer you’re working on can change your posture, and thus, your behavior. Before an important phone call or meeting, make sure you spend some time away from the phone or tablet. Not only will the lack of distractions help you focus and organize your thoughts, avoiding cramping over a touchscreen will also leave you more confident.

3_Be mindful of your facial expression
It’s not just the position of our bodies that can affect our emotions, the expression on our faces can too. For instance, for some people, spending time deliberately smiling can help them to feel more positive and increase the accessibility of positive memories. It’s a similar story with tone of voice. Research shows that when people speak with a lower pitch they feel more powerful.

4_Gesture when you speak
We tend to see gesticulation as a behavioral quirk, but research shows these hand movements actually assist our mental processes. As a bonus, gesturing while you speak won’t only aid your thought processes, it likely will also help you make a good impression.”

Christian Jarret psychologist turned writer


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