the best ‘positioning’ statement ever

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“For 15 years, Summit Coffee has been a fixture in Davidson, NC, a college town. With just two locations, it is no Starbucks, but there is still much you can learn from the three entrepreneurs who own it.

But what I really want to share with you is a blog post Brian Helfrich wrote last year; he, Tom and Tim Helfrich own Summit Coffee. Although Brian may not have intended it this way, his words represent one of the best “positioning” statements I’ve ever read.”

We are a coffee shop. We are a bar. A music venue. A meeting place. A day care. An office. A classroom. A bathroom. A water break.
We are Davidson. We are Main St. We’re old and rustic. Modern and creative.
We’re nights on a patio. Runs before sunrise. Wine in the front corner. Conversations at the counter.
We are good morning, good afternoon and good night.
We are The Freckled Dog Pub. The Twilight Racing Series. The Box Turtle Mocha. The Glacier Gulp.
We are the bells on the front door. A back door that sometimes doesn’t exist. An ice machine on a part-time shift. We are a not-so-straight staircase. We are a chalkboard menu. T-shirts on clothespins. Cookies in tin buckets.
We are Tim and Beth. Becky and Dave. Brit and Jon and Brian. Alex and Jesse. Chris and Jim and Michael.
We are a neighbor. An escape. A welcoming. A friend. A thank God it’s Friday at 5:00. A large coffee no room for cream. Right?
We are home.
We are Summit. We are lucky.

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