Apple’s true secret sauce: familiarity

random thoughts

“At every event, Apple uses the same badges, same retail-store like demo set-up and similar background music. It gives away the same iTunes gift cards, and I am pretty sure the voice that tells the audience to silence their cellphones is the same every time, too. The videos, slides and personalities on stage reappear in a familiar cadence. Pop in different products and you couldn’t tell what year it was.
But the familiarity stems more from the people. Apple CEO Tim Cook and his lieutenants Jony Ive, Eddy Cue and Phil Schiller parade in before the event starts, gabbing with friends and entrepreneurs who have been invited backstage. Longtime Apple board member and Silicon Valley fix-it man Bill Campbell gives everyone he recognizes a hug.
Surprise is great. But rituals aren’t bad either.”

Jessica E. Lessin launching new premium tech news pub, former WSJ reporter


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