are you making this mistake at the end of your meetings?

work smarter

“Have you been in meetings where lots of decisions are made but nothing gets done and nobody is held accountable? Unless you finish the meeting with commitments about “who will do what by when,” you’ve just built 90% of a bridge.

a) Ask and you shall receive
To make a clear request you must utter it in the first person, using direct language and addressing it to a specific person. You must specify observable conditions of satisfaction, including time. It helps if you explain your purpose for asking, and, if and when you arrive at an oral contract, always ask the other sign it.

b) Time to commit
A well-formed request demands a clear response.
There are only three possible answers:
1. Yes, I commit.
2. No, I decline.
3. I can’t commit yet because: a. I need clarification; b. I need to check; I promise to respond by X; c. I want to propose an alternative; d. I can make it only if I get Y by Z.”

Fred K. professor of Leadership and Coaching, author of Conscious Business


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