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12 things you need to know about Social Media

1_it won’t save the world
2_is it a set of communication tools
3_it requires people with a talent for it (and time)
4_it needs a face (tweet as a person not as a organitzation: authenticity matters)
5_it requires a common-sense approach (be generous: retweet) and patience!
6_it resists measurement (you can’t measure, so don’t try it)
7_it allows us to be known (interesting mix of professional and personal)
8_it fosters relationship (face to face relationships at a distance, with consumers and also trade and journalists)
9_it creates a network of uncertain value (honesty and authenticity are critical in participating in online communities; your intention should not be to sell or promote)
10_it is rarely profound (but don’t plan, be of the moment, there are no rules, it depends on you, stand out of the crowd!)
11_it is a investment for the future (social media has been oversold, but this doesn’ mean it isn’t important; social media is increasingly vital skill)
12_it needn’t cost much to implement (don’t hire expensive consultants, if YOU can do it, do it!)

Jamie Goode wine blogger


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